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Just a quick one (Sets and Relations)

  1. Oct 28, 2005 #1
    Can anyone just check if I got it right please?
    And if so could you just explain the theorems that come with each line? Many many thanks in advance :smile:

    (A-B) n (B-A) = (AuB’) n (BuA’)
    = (Au(BuA’)) u(B’n (BuA’))
    = ((AnB) u (AnA’)) u ((B’nB) u (B’nA’))
    = (AnB) u Ø u Ø u (B’nA’)
    = (AnB) u (B’nA’)
    = (AnB) u (BuA)’
    = (AnB) - (BuA)
    = (AnB) - (AuB)
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    Duplicate post?
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