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Homework Help: Just a quick question about v vs. t graphs

  1. Oct 29, 2005 #1
    We've been working on acceleration and velocity in my physics class and I've got a question about velocity vs. time graphs. My assignment asks me to:
    A. construct a qualitative graph for v vs. t
    B. construct a quantitatively accurate v vs. t graph
    I'm pretty sure I know how to solve A because it's what we've been doing in class, but how would I solve B/what would it look like?

    I don't think my question requires me to actually write the problem, but if I need to I can. Any help for this (ridiculously) simple question?
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    "Quantatively accurate" means that the velocity axis,
    and the time axis, both need to have numerical values on them.

    If you are starting with a known (quantitative) x vs t graph,
    you'll have to calculate the velocity for each segment of motion
    by computing the slope (rise/run).

    If you're starting with a known (quantitative) a vs t graph,
    you'll have to compute the area under the curve up till each time
    (typically by counting "boxes" on the graph paper).
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    Thank you so much!!
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