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Just a quick question

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    how do you type in,

    tan-1(-5/2) (or any negative number)

    on the calculator?? or just work it out?
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    Are you talking about the (-5/2)? Most calculators have a separate key for that, which usually has something like "(-)" printed on it (a short dash in parentheses), rather than the normal (longer) minus sign "[itex]{}-{}[/itex]".

    If you are referring to the -1: there should again be a separate key. On my TI calculator it is Second + Tan, just find where is says tan-1, atan, arctan, or something like that. Note that you should consider "tan-1" as a single function, it's not something like x-1 = 1/x, for which you can write in general x-n = 1/xn. Instead, it is defined by tan-1(tan(x)) = x.
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    Yeah I got it, thanks alot!! it was(+/-)

    I spent a full hour trying to figure that out lol..:redface:
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