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Just a rant I guess.Tonight my friends wanted to show me this

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    Just a rant I guess.

    Tonight my friends wanted to show me this 'crazy ladies' home. I didn't know what they were talking about and wasn't really interested in going with them. I did end up going to a bar with them though and they then drove to this 'crazy ladies' home.

    However the car I was with we had to go pick someone up and bring them home, by the time we had met up with the rest of the people they said they had already gone to the ladies house and KNOCKED on her door, etc.. They all wanted to go back so I caved, and went I just wanted to see the home, the way they described it it sounded pretty sketchy and kind of mysterious... almost like something out of the movies.

    Anyways when we walked there she was outside with a flashlight so I just walked on by her home on the road, I wasn't intending on bothering her or anything like that I was just seeing the premises... and boy was it ever scary. No lights on, random bushes, and she was hiding in the bushes... so I just walked away. As I walked away the cops came, and everyone ran. I didn't know what to do, I didn't feel like I did anything wrong by walking there but I didn't want to be bothered by the police. I noticed my friend was the only person left standing there alone and I didn't think I could run away from him and leave him there alone. So I didn't run.

    The cops come and the cop says that I was running, I told him I was not. He called me a liar saying he saw me run. I told him I did not run but other people had. He called me a liar saying he saw me run. I repeated I did not run.

    The old lady came out and informed the officer that me and my friend were not the ones knocking on her door. She gave clear description of those involved in the incident and none of them fit me or my friend. So I figured we were ok to go, nope cop asks for ID. Begins questioning us why we were there etc.. I said I was walking down the road, my friend started to lie but I took NO PART IN IT. I didnt' even GO there WITH him, he was there earlier. I wasn't going to start exposing my friends lies though and I'm definitely not going to incriminate my other friends.

    So the cop continues to question why we were there and things and one of our friends cars gets pulled over. He asks if we know them, I said 'I'm not sure who you've pulled over so I don't know.' he said 'Did you guys get a drive here in a Nissan.' I didn't so I told him 'No I did not.' My friend also denied it. The cop then said that he was 'Just going to charge us because he can and all he's doing is his job.' After about 10 minutes of this guy calling me a liar to my face and his intimidation tactics I asked him 'why are you acting like that' he said 'what?' to which I replied
    Why are you saying that you are just going to charge me and arrest me when I didn't do anything I've told you the truth about everything you've asked me and I don't think you can just charge me because.
    He told me "yes I can" and I replied to him "then I'll fight it", which I admit is attitude but this cop was being way too over the top, I do not feel he was doing his job, which MY taxes pay for. He then GOT OUT OF HIS CAR came INTO MY FACE and started talking right in my face about how this lady was being harassed and I'm conveniently in the area looking for a 'party' and all this stuff. I told him that I hadn't said any of that, which was also true because my friend had been the one telling all the lies. An undercover cop that had showed up asked what we were doing walking there and I didn't respond but the other officer said 'just going on a romantic stroll' and I laughed about it but didn't answer. He then said to me that he was going to charge me with Criminal Harassment and that he was going to charge me with obstruction of justice if the people in the Nissan had said that they knew me. He said I would get it 'in the mail' or something to that effect.

    He let me and my friend go and we had to walk around for 30 minutes because we were absolutely lost. After we found our friends we left the area and we finally got into contact with the car that had been pulled over. They told us that they said the cop had asked if they knew me and my friend. They said YES and that they had DROPPED US OFF TO SEE THE HOUSE. Now WHAT THE **** do I do. That was complete bogus I was not dropped off by these people. I came AFTER the fact (they had knocked) and I just WALKED by to see what was up there.

    I understand that even me just walking there was immature but I was still curious, I mean the place looked like a haunted home and the bushes looked like people could lunge out at you at any given moment. I didn't lie once to the officer, but he didn't believe anything I said to him. The lady specifically said I wasn't involved. And criminal harassment means STALKING which means that you have to repeatedly commit an offense, this was the FIRST time i've ever been in that part of my city and I had never even heard of this 'crazy lady' until today, a few hours ago.

    I'm some what pissed off now because I have a feeling since those people in the car had said they dropped me off that I will be getting charged CRIMINALLY... I don't even know what to do now I feel so sick to my stomach I can't even sleep.

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    Re: Wowww

    How old are you?

    If this is Canada, they will let you off so don't worry.

    Note: Yes, I love Canada for that reason. I don't mind letting go of a few bad apples to save the good ones. Yes it's a risk I'm willing to take.
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    Re: Wowww

    Ouch. I hope you get out of it.
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    Re: Wowww

    Some cops are like that. Usually the younger or newer ones. My old supervisor was an ex cop from Compton PD (he had lots of interesting stories!) and when I first started working with him he told me that's how it goes. Cops start out and want to do good and be nice to people but then they get lied to and walked all over one too many times and decide that they are going to be jerks to everyone because, in their eyes, any person they talk to is likely lying to them. He decided to tell me this because he saw me being nice to some of the students and not following strict protocol. He said it was alright to do, it was up to me, but if something went wrong I could get in trouble and he didn't want me to be like one of those cops (we weren't cops by the way, just "public safety"). Sure enough he was right and they had lied to me. The number of people that screwed with me and lied to me at that job got annoying, and I've gone a bit overboard on people I knew were messing with me a few times, but I never turned into one of those guys.

    Another thing is that when you have some particular on going issue you might wind up getting a bit overzealous in trying to deal with it, especially when it pertains to some old lady or some such. Once I went off on some poor guy for making a bunch of noise at 2am because I knew that his neighbour was pregnant and expecting any time so had trouble sleeping. So if you were wondering why I would say it was probably a combination of these two things. The guy has probably dealt with too many stupid kids doing stupid things and lying to him to believe that you're not one of them too and he has probably been dealing with a bunch of jerks messing with this old lady.

    As for what you can do if you get a summons to the courthouse I am not sure. Here in that sort of situation it is usually the cops word against yours and the judge will usually side with the cop. You'll probably want to try to get a copy of the police report to see exactly what it says. You may want your friend there to back you up though if he lied to the cop he may just be a liability. You might also go ask the lady if she would be kind enough to write a statement to the court to the effect that you were not the one of the people knocking on her door and that she had specifically told the officer this.
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    Re: Wowww

    Well you got in an unlucky situation.

    I think this is your best bet.

    Anyways, good luck. Hopefully you get out of this situation with no criminal record. Your friends, on the other hand...
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    Re: Wowww

    The cop was sure you knew more than you were telling. And you did know. He was using intmidation tactics (threats n' stuff) to get you to spill something he could use to discover what you-all were up to.

    Yeah, I know you told the truth and all that. That was your game. You got away with it because he couldn't find the right question.
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    Re: Wowww

    That would be an awfully nice thing to do during the day when the sun is out. This woman was so terrified she was hidding in her own bushes. One should go alone, stand far back from the door, do a lot of explaining in nice tones, even if the door stays shut.
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    Re: Wowww

    How many guys were there? At least two car loads? And how many people ran away when the police showed up? And your breath probably smelled like alcohol?

    Seriously, if the roles were switched, would you believe you?

    Geez, you guys should quit harrassing old ladies after a night at the bar! This may have been your first time and your role might have been just a bit part, but the whole lot of you are idiots. If they couldn't find a reason to haul the lot of you off to jail, then I'd sure hope the police would at least make sure as many of you as possible experienced the same discomfort that lady felt.

    I like it when my tax dollars help police harrass drunk idiots!
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    Chi Meson

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    Re: Wowww

    What BobG said...

    I'll take it for granted that everything you said was true, but... Did you really think that a bunch of guys were going to leave a bar and then go to a "spooky old lady's house," just to look at it?

    If so, just stay with that story.

    Your "friends" were bothering an old woman for nothing more than being different. When confronted with the consequences, they ran. Perhaps they are taking it for granted that you will take the hit and not "rat" them out; in other words they would see nothing wrong in you getting blamed for their actions.

    Maybe it was just one of those guys, or two, that pulled the others along, but I really wouldn't suggest hanging with them anymore.
  11. Jun 15, 2010 #10
    Re: Wowww

    Yeah I agree, I'm an idiot to go with them. No my breath didn't smell like alcohol. I had one 'Tom Collins' like 2 hours prior. I wasn't drunk or anything of the sort lol. If the roles were switched I probably wouldn't have been using such intimidation tactics, when he had gotten out of the car I honestly thought he was going to tackle me to the ground. And there were 3 of them all that surrounded me. The other cops that talked to me though seemed cool with everything and just wanted to know what happened, not this guy he seemed likely to pin everything on me. And I think it was just because he said I ran and I said I didn't (which I didn't).

    She's not really an 'old lady' she's around 40-50 years old. She wasn't hiding in the bushes because she was scared, she was hiding in the bushes in order to see everything and record things. Clearly this lady had it happen to her before (my friends told me later that they had gone there the previous night too... like really guys lol?) she even got a recording of the car and the people knocking on the door. She was able to give verrrry detailed descriptions of the guys I was with... can I honestly take the fall for crimes I didn't commit?

    I mean criminal harassment? I've never met the woman before and to be honest I didn't even know which house was hers (there were two creepy dark ones) until AFTER everything and the guy that was with me pointed to it. Obstruction of justice? I know that I don't have to answer the cops when they question me except for identification purposes... which is exactly what I had done. I didn't want to say anything that was incriminating for my friends so I just didn't say anything to those questions, my friend however answered them with complete ********. Do the cop cars record voices around the police in these situations??? Can the cop still press charges even though he let us go? He said something about receiving it in the mail... is that how it works? You get a criminal charge through the mail system? Ughhh.

    Trust me the guys that decided this would be an awesome idea I'm never chilling with again unless it's inside. It's funny because those guys werent' really my friends, just people they knew and after we were talking to the police they wanted to just leave us there in the middle of no where. ****ing dicks.
  12. Jun 15, 2010 #11
    Re: Wowww

    To be honest I just wanted to see the house, I didn't know what their plans were. I had gotten to the house after they had knocked and stuff though.
    Yeah I can tell that they don't mind me taking the hit.

    Need not say no more. Not only did the say to go to her house they were the ones that
    b)suggested we went a second time to see the house again (when the people driving with me got there)
    c)ran away first
    d)wanted to leave me and my friend in the middle of no where to walk back home for 4 hours.
  13. Jun 15, 2010 #12
    Re: Wowww

    Thanks Ape.
  14. Jun 15, 2010 #13
    Re: Wowww

    Another thing I'd suggest, although it's probably really trivial, since the event is still fresh in your head write down all the details on paper, including the exact times and things you did prior to heading to the old ladies house, and note all the colors of cars, and anyone you came in contact with. You don't have to use all this information in court, but it will serve as your reference instead of having to try and remember something from two weeks ago when you are in court.
  15. Jun 15, 2010 #14
    Re: Wowww

    my advise: don't go 'with' the guys when they ask you to join in the fun of jumping off a bridge

    edit: Rule of dumb Thumbs---if it sounds like a stupid thing to do, it probably is.

    ---Most of what you got caught up in is 'guilt by association'. Being a part of the group that was harassing the woman, makes you sort of an accessory.

    Wouldn't it sound like you're part of the harassment IF you were basically right there when a 'group' of kids all about the same age was there at this woman's house at the same time? The cop would be thinking 'why and what other reason was he here, if he wasn't part of it?'

    This is why the police keep a record of 'known associates' in their files---

    You may think you're innocent to some degree, but if things got a 'little' more out of hand, and let's say one of the 'guys' conched the lady on the head, you may would be in trouble--and this is part of the reason why the cops stopped YOU---because you were there, and they have YOU--not the others.

    does the lady (or the cops) know, FOR SURE if you're there just to harass her, or to rob her, or to kill her even?
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    Re: Wowww

    Lol agreed. Curiousity definitely killed the cat. I'm not sure how it works though, I think in order for me to have charges against me they have to issue a warrant. So I assume they'd come to my home to inform me or something?
  17. Jun 15, 2010 #16
    Re: Wowww

    That's the thing about cops; they're sure about everything. If they say they saw something, then that's what happened. They couldn't be mistaken. If they reconstruct an event, then that's what happened. Doesn't matter that they weren't there to see it.
    The way they treat people needs to be illegal.
  18. Jun 15, 2010 #17
    Re: Wowww

    you sound sure about that
  19. Jun 15, 2010 #18
    Re: Wowww

    To be honest I put a lot of faith in the policing abilities of the police. I've had run ins with the police before over non-sense and they were cool about it completely. Understood the situation, listened to me all that jazz.

    This cop however didn't want any of it.
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    Re: Wowww

    Well you were stalking the old lady by definition, so it is harassment. People told the police the dropped you off there, so there is your means and opportunity. You talking to a cop - any statement you make - is always a bad idea. If he has even just 1 person, no matter whether that person is right or wrong, who believes you were dropped off there or in the vicinity, and you tell the cop something different, then you are lying and hence obstructing justice. Although seeing how you are a small time phish they will probably downgrade it to a misdemeanor.

    Don't drop the soap homie :biggrin:
  21. Jun 15, 2010 #20
    Re: Wowww

    well, he may have just gotten a case where the woman/person was robbed or killed--or maybe something else set him off--

    -the attitudes of individual cops, like everything else, fall on a bell shaped curve...
  22. Jun 15, 2010 #21
    Re: Wowww

    You've contacted a lawyer, right? Right???
  23. Jun 15, 2010 #22
    Re: Wowww

    I think he would have gotten a ticket that night if he was going to get one...

    The easiest way for him to find out is to call that local police dept. and ask.
  24. Jun 15, 2010 #23
    Re: Wowww

    kinda flies in the face of 'innocent until proven guilty' doesn't it?

    Lol, negative on contacting the lawyer.
  25. Jun 15, 2010 #24
    Re: Wowww

    I can contact the police dept and ask them?
  26. Jun 15, 2010 #25
    Re: Wowww

    not really---he may have been thinking 'who knows WHAT you did?' ; but, in the mean time, he's got your number (if anything does show up later that something did happen)

    "can contact the police dept and ask them? "

    well, why not? if nothing is on record, then nothing was filed, and you can quit worrying about it.

    think of it this way, --if you came back to your car, and there was part of a parking ticket under your wiper blade, you'd want to find out if you got a ticket so you could pay it, right?

    If you call, the person you talk to doesn't care one way or the other ---he/she would just tell you if a report/ticket/etc. was/will be issued.
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