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Just a Thought on Gravity

  1. Apr 20, 2004 #1
    Hello all. This is my first post to any forum. If you haven't seen my profile just to let you know that I know less than nothing. So most thoughts of mine have no scientific background. But to me it makes sense.

    With that out of the way let me just relay this thought. If everything is energy, is space time a neutral medium? And if this is so could gravity be caused by singularities located within the center of objects or systems of objects. This singularity is where energy has tried to return to the neutral but cannot for some reason. The more matter that collects around the singularity causes the increase in force or gravity.

    And another thing if light speed is the highest level of energy that an object can achieve then doesn't that mean that a black hole cannot exist because it would have to have an energy level higher than that of the speed of light in order to capture that light? Then if it they do exist and this energy level can be achieved then wouldn't it mean that it is possible to travel faster than light?

    I am looking forward to hearing any responses to these.

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