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Just a thought

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    To start i have no idea if space has some (coupling) to matter,
    but if it has--------
    On the less than large scale our universe is inhomogonous, and
    is getting more so with time (gravity is sweeping up matter into
    clumps) so if there is some coupling between space and matter,
    and matter is getting clumpified, then there will be less and less volumes
    of space tied to matter/gravity ,therfore larger and larger volumes
    of space are free from gravity, and free to do what it will (expand)
    faster and faster.
    This is not a theory just an observation, and i can see no reason
    to guess that space free from gravity/matter will expand rather
    than just stay as it was.
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    Ah, but it could be akin to water surface tension, when soap is
    introduced, the soap, the ( lack of matter gravity), decreases
    the surface tension.
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    You talk of space as if it were something? Something stretchy, mutable. There is no reason based on any current science of evidence to give space such properties. Sure we can 'curve' space with GR but this is just a mathematical way of describing the interactions between mass, it dosn't give space itself a separate existence and power.

    If you talk of space expanding it can only do so because of what the energy within that space is doing. Space alone does not 'do' anything.
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    I like the idea that space and matter are one and the same. Space being merely the extension of matter. Matter being the foci of those extensions. The differences being no more than degree of interaction.
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