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Just a toy .

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    Please help me understand how this toy works....top portion of planets spins one way while the sun and bottom planets spin the opposite...both seem to be on the same drive.....

    The toy is no longer made but is called the mini orbiter by rabbit tanaka
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    Is this a homework assignment?

    I think the spinning tops are exhibiting gyroscopic precession as the base rotates clockwise around the central axis the top respond and precess.

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    I don't think so but not expert on that. It's a motorized toy so I'm assuming gears are used but not sure how a single pole or drive shaft can get rotating bodies in the opposite direction.
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    A single shaft can't do that. Concentric shafts can.
    For examples you'll be familiar with, look at how the hands of a wall clock can move at different rates (They could rotate in opposite directions if the gearing was arranged differently) or the concentric volume and balance/tone dials on older car stereos.
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    Yes perfect I figured was a shaft inside another but didn't know terminology or much about that. Thanks for the input got it all figured out!!
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