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Just a (very long) Hi!

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    Hi all, K9Fenrir here! Or simply K9 or Fen (whichever you prefer).
    I'm just a guy currently about half a year away from collage who finds practically all fields of science incredibly interesting. I occasionally have days when I really should be doing stuff for school (like today) but instead I go read through five Wikipedia articles on genetic engineering and astronomy instead. Fingers crossed, I'll be studying computer science in a year and focusing more on that but learning about practically anything science-related in the meantime is a passion that will hopefully never disappear.

    I doubt I'll contribute much to any of the more complicated discussions around here but I just might read through some and learn something new. That is half the reasons why I'm hear, after all.

    I like to think of myself as a rookie/amateur writer, fantasy and sci-fi to be specific. I have yet to actually publish or even finish any of my books, simply because it takes me a hell of a long time to figure out how things should be. The amount of ideas rolling around in my head sometimes makes me feel like my my brain is about to implode and I just really want to put it all down on paper. And this is the other half of the reasons why I'm here.
    As someone who enjoys sci-fi, be it a book, a movie, or a video game, the one thing I immediately fall in love with is the lore. It doesn't matter how far-fetched an idea is, if the creator of that particular universe provides a believable explanation for how a ship can travel faster than light, I will love it. That is what I want in my books and since one of them is based in the far future and will require me to rush up on A LOT of astronomy and physics, I couldn't think of a better place for advice and explanations. I hope you can help me with any questions I have and I would really appreciate the help.

    It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to learn a lot on this forum!
    Fenrir out.​
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    Welcome to PF, I'm also a high school student, one year way from uni, can't wait! Anyway, you'll love this forum. Enjoy! :)
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