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Just an idea about time

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    now let's say time is relative (which it is, from einstein), now that's implies the next thing:
    when someone is going back in time he's going through his own time frame while the others are in their own time frames are not affected by it (because if the other choice was correct that will assume that one man can effect all the human race which is to me unlikely).
    my question are the people he encouters are the same as in the present (i mean particlewise {im asking this because there the assumption that when you encounter yourself in the past you will be destoryed from this i get that he was made out of anti particles is this the same with people})?
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    There is no evidence that this is possible.
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    Haven't you seen Back to the Future?
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    im assuming it can be done.
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    another thing about time.
    let's say i go back in time in the time refrence of universe i will go back in time but my time refrence will go forward.
    what do you think?
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