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Just an introduction. Hi!

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    Just introducing myself. I tend to be a geek to all sciences. While my degree is in microbiology, and I completed medical school up to my first boards before a serious bicycle accident made it necessary for me to withdrawal, I've always been fascinated by everything science, and especially the way they are all interconnected. Even though I never majored in Physics, I aced honors physics in high school, doing my term paper on 3D imaging and holography (this was before the digital age), even creating my own tension table and using laser interference patterns to create my own holograms (I'd turn the bathroom into a dark room), and also had a quad-lens camera for 3D photos. I began volunteering for a program out of Colorado State University called "Little Shop of Physics" over 20 years ago, and continue to volunteer for them from time to time to this day... it's just too fun and always evolving! I've also taught at the grade and high school levels, using hands-on approaches, and even creating an experiment for 3rd graders based on the attached video... I created a contraption where I could pass various sound frequencies to a metal plate via my Casio music workstation to create patterns in colored sand, and had the children use clear contact paper to create artwork using those colored sand patterns. Such approaches always make it more interesting, and help the children to have a firmer grasp and understanding of the involved concepts.
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