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Just Begun

  1. Jul 27, 2010 #1
    Hello there this is Arch.
    I just enrolled not long ago in a college with an intention to major in physics, but ironically the first term's results got me worrying.

    It's a pretty simple matter really, I got an A- in Calculus I (they rate that as a 3.75/4.0 gpa) and I started questioning my decision to major in Physics since they dwell largely in numbers and calculations.

    Have to say though, I understand concepts at a considerably fast pace, everyone agree; But everyone also agree that I don't do good when applying them. Careless mistakes they say. So was the same during highschool.

    In any case, I'm just here to seek some encouragement, maybe opinions or even discouragement would do fine.
    I'll do better in Calculus II. Promise.

    Thank you guys, and good day to you.
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    It can be tough to say how you apply your knowledge until you at least take a Physics course. Did you take your college's intro Physics course yet - and did you do well or at least enjoy it? If not, then make no decisions until you take it!

    Calculus II can be significantly harder than Calculus I (at least it is where I am). An A- is good though, and where I'm going it only counts as 3.70/4.00.
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    An A- isn't a bad grade by any means. If there are certain aspects that you struggle with, there is plenty of time to correct it. That's what college is for after all. If you enjoy physics, don't give up on it too easily. Just try to really identify what your weaknesses are so you can work on them. If it really is careless mistakes, then that's easier to fix...just don't be careless!
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    I'm sure plenty of people have become successful physicists despite getting even a B :eek: in Calculus 1.
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    I take it you're still used to high school where a C is practically a failing grade, a B is average, and an A is par for the course for anyone with a modicum of intelligence? Don't sweat an A- in calculus I. It can be difficult.
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    The difference between a person that gets a 90 on an exam and a 94 on an exam can't be judged by the 4 point difference. And yet that 4 point difference can determine the difference between getting an A or A-.
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    Hey thanks for the reply guys.
    Anyway I failed to mention that I am also taking Physics I along with Calculus II this semester? I'll see how well I adapt to it.
    This thread will be a booster to my confidence. Surely.
    I'll update my status after my semester closes.

    @chickenwing71: I did pretty well during highschool physics. But of course, it's all knocked up a notch now, so I'm sure nothing's guaranteed.
    @johng23: True that. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled at a higher degree.
    @jtbell: Thank you. That is quite reassuring.
    @Angry Citizen: I guess that's quite true now isn't it? Thanks.
    @Leptos: Well, that's the only flaw in examinations that can never resolve itself I guess. It either leaves a bed of roses or a sting to the head.
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