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Homework Help: Just can't seem to get this one

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    A third baseman makes a throw to first base 39.0 m away. If the ball leaves his hand traveling horizontally with a speed of 38.0 m/s at a height of 1.20 m from the ground, how far will it go before striking the ground? At what angle must he throw the ball so that it reaches the first baseman’s glove at a height of 1.20 m above the ground.?
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    What have you done with it so far?
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    Maybe give him a formula... I would but I don't know it.

    Paden Roder
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    Whenever you encounter a projectiles problem, remember to treat the vertical and horizontal components of the motion of a projectile separately. Tide is right: tell us what you've done and we'll go from there.
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