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Just do it!

  1. Jun 26, 2016 #1
    It's summertime and love is in the air. There's nothing better to kick off the summer than having a romantic fling. But how "cool" have you been throughout your existence in the romantic fling department. I wanna hear your stories.

    I've got a story. It's 1984 in Waikiki, Hawaii. I was working for a tour group company and met this Australian girl named "Verity." Weird name, I know. But the Aussies are weird in general. I met her at a street booth I was working at and set up a date for her later that evening when I got off work.

    So I take her down to the beach and we sit in the sand and I'm very nervous wanting to kiss her but the chemistry was a little awkward. In these types of instances from my experience, the more time that goes by, the less your chances are of making a score, so I had to act quickly.

    My brilliant plan was to take a que from my dad, who said he always asked a girl for permission before he kissed her. So, like a chump, I asked Verity if I could kiss her.

    Her answer was "No, but you can just do it." And so that's what I did. So let that be a lesson to you young lads. Don't ask a girl if you can kiss her like my woosey father. Just go ahead and do it.

    Do you have any similar stories?
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    Ok, I got another story since no one is chiming in. This is about 3 years later in 1987. I'm still in Hawaii doing the tour group thing and this girl walks by with a t-shirt that says "Just do me." It was a play on the Nike logo at the time and had the same font, but I took it seriously :redface:

    So I chatted her up and, indeed, did her. As with every other tourist I hooked up with back then, I thought she'd be out on a plane the next day and that would be that. Unfortunately, I caught her at the beginning of her vacation and she became a persistent feature of our party clique for about two weeks until she left. Needless to say, a couple of my friends "just did her" too before she left and she told everyone I was a lousy lay. So that fantasy was banished.
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    Sorry, my experiences in this area has been... terrible. It's not something I wish to discuss.
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    That's OK, as far as I'm concerned, science is better than sex, anyway. Science doesn't let let you down or screw your best friend or tell everyone you suck wind in the sack. So that's why I married science 20 years ago and it's been a (mostly) good union.
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    No, I don't think so. They are different. Without sex, you may fail to release stress to do sciences. And I like sex.
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    Huh, it seems like everything was so much simpler and straightforward when cell phones didn't exist. I swear, sometimes I hate being 19.
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    You got that right. I remember when the physical phone message machines came out in the late 70's or early 80's. We thought this was an unwelcomed intrusion on our privacy as we had to scroll through this drivel of lesser beings leaving messages on our tape machines. I have to admit it was very pleasurable to walk around town and not be a slave to your cell phone or smart phone. I remember in the mid 90's we all had pagers that cost $20 a month and even these were intrusive.

    I miss the mid 80's when all we had were roller skates and Sony Walkmans. If you want to get in touch with me, you're gonna have to find me on the boardwalk...
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    Lol ... there's really no doubt then ...[COLOR=#black]..[/COLOR] :oldtongue:
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  10. Jun 28, 2016 #9

    Fervent Freyja

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    "Cool"? Alright, you asked for it… Around 6 years ago I was in the bathroom applying Icy Hot cream to my legs (or so I think) and my Husband called me into the bedroom to *play* with him. Apparently, there had been residue in between my fingers, because he begin to panic not long after… :eek:

    I could write a book about my clumsiness in that area! :smile:
  11. Jun 28, 2016 #10

    Fervent Freyja

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    Could you live without science or sex? Pick one. That will tell you which is better! :wink:
  12. Jun 28, 2016 #11
    Oh boy, you had to call me out on that one. That's a dirty trick. I guess I'd have to side with sex. Science can go to hell! :oldbiggrin:
  13. Jun 28, 2016 #12

    Fervent Freyja

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    Then, you may consider yourself scientifically healthy! Choosing science would suggest an organism is failing to thrive; so, I wouldn't trust their judgement anyhow! :smile:
  14. Jun 28, 2016 #13
    So am I reading that you inadvertently applied icy-hot cream to his member during play time? That's a definite wifey party foul. How dare you!
  15. Jun 28, 2016 #14

    Fervent Freyja

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    Yes... :DD But, I've done worse to him.

    Around the same time period, I also remember grabbing massage oil from the drawer instead of something else... That burns!

    I need to stop before I get reported. :wideeyed:
  16. Jun 28, 2016 #15
    I agree, I think it's getting too hot in here, we're in danger of getting the thread deleted. So tone it down :biggrin:
  17. Jun 28, 2016 #16
    That suggests the organism was created by God.
    Sex itself isn't science but how and why to make it is scientifically explicable. The term itself isn't lucky enough to be abused by many in different tones and ways to dirty people of different segregated worlds, i.g one of clean, moral people and that of bad laymen. So it is never an issue withe the term being used but how, where and why people use it actually is.

    People following Creationism already have God in their mind, do you think a God-like behavior can exist both in humans and in some other animals of similar high levels of cognitive development in the tree of life ?
  18. Jun 28, 2016 #17
    Jesus Christ, Pepper Mint. Cool it! Now you're definitely gonna get this thread deleted. The PF mentors are prudes but they enjoy a little sexiness in the posts every now and then. But they're not gonna put up with some religious hogwash. So cut that sh#$ out.

    I didn't really mean the prude part, sorry :biggrin:
  19. Jun 28, 2016 #18
    Uhm...I think my question is off-topic.

    I also have a story. I fell in love with a man named Jerry when I was still in college. He was working in a bar with his friends. But he was married. It is hard to go against your heart, I know but I couldn't resist myself.
    I regret not having told him to "do me" when we were still together. The bar closed 10 years ago after a beautiful singer died of heart attack while performing on the stage. She was taken to a nearby hospital but the doctors failed to save her. Jerry and I have also parted since that tragic day on.
    Now I am still missing him a lot. Every time I do anything or go anywhere, I just keep thinking about him. How silly I am! But I take it that anything even just produced by my own imagination if working fine, making me happy and harming no one is a good source of happiness I should be honoring.
  20. Jun 28, 2016 #19
    ... if you had said his name was Neuman, I would have wondered about you.....
  21. Jun 28, 2016 #20
    Please understand me, this is public Physics forums anyway.
    10 years isn't a long period of time to you, is it ? All the events, including even the dead singer's song lyrics, in those days however minor or small they might have seemed to several people are always vivid memories on my mind that I don't think time from now can ever change....
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