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Just for today.

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    Doesn't take much of a brain for this one. The first letter of each word spells out a free verse poem then the first letter of those spells out something else. Pretty much just need to figure out the spaces.

    Something's happened, Adam realized. Explosions echoed along crowded hallways. People looked excited, agitated, severely upset. Reaching elevators, they realized each appeared stopped. Unusually rational, even emotionless, Adam called home.

    "Move over, Man! EMTs need through! Be extra careful and use stair exits. Emergency vehicles enroute!" Rita yelled. Odors, noxious exhaust, reeking emissions, mortality entered moments before everyone realized, smoke.

    "Everyone's not out! Rescue me!" Optimism unwarranted, Shawn leapt out. Suicide solved everything, stopping even nastier death, voluntary instead of like everyone now completely engulfed.

    Everyone mourned, but responded. Airplane crashes enraged nation.

    Entering into God's Heaven before ordinarily required, some thousand heroes earned respect. Especially since here our pain's eternal.
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    Share each pleasure treasure each
    Moment because everyone remembers
    Enormous losses end violence
    Embrace neighbors theres hope

    September eleventh

    That's cool, tribdog. Did you write it?
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    Of course.
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    I am offended. Yes I wrote this. I wrote it a couple of years ago and posted it on the site "Zoetrope.com" It is no longer available to read on that site, but that's where I posted it.
    I'm a horse of many colors, baby.
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    OK, sorry. I take it back.
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    I've got skills you'd have to see to believe. jk
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    Can I watch?
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