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Just Found The Forums

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    I Happened to stumble upon this forums by doing some google search about removing nitrogen from the air. I did not there was such a forum online until now!

    I've only been through a high school physics class and touched on Trig in Community College. I decided to take the welding classes and I am currently working as a fabricator. Classrooms are not my thing so I learn alot from books and the internet. But the threads on this site are very helpful and I will post on what I can.
    I built a dc brushed motor for physics in high school as an assignment, and clocked it at over 2400 rpm on a 9v power supply, I was very excited about that as it was made out of hot glue and a skateboard bearing.
    I try and apply physics to everyday life to help understand how everything around me works. I am also very interested in advancing my metallurgy, being a welder and all.
    So thats me, glad to be on the site finally hah.
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    Welcome to the forum Micah!
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