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I just got a message sent from someone with a message my zonealarm caught in the DNS(performance-check-via-SAVIS2THIS-IS_HARMLESS-It_is_a_Traceroute_or_Ping_packet.BGP-route-control.data393.net)
I find it fun and anyone can give me a hint as to how can i send a message like that via internet so that someone who is using zonealarm like me can see it also ??
Thats just network chatter. Routers chat with each other, to exchange routing tables and enable the most efficient paths through a network to differening destination networks.
But since when did I have my router connected with someone's in the US ?

Ok, forget about that,
do you know how I can send such a message ? I'd really like to. Thanks
They dont, your router does, or even your ISP router, BGP (same as IGP's such as OSPF, IS-IS and EIGRP) uses Multicast addresses to chat to other routers, your box probably was listening on one of the addresses... with out using a sniffer its hard to tell what the packet your personal firewall picked up....

Zonealarm really is a waste of time, and typically just makes people paranoid because it pops up potential 'attacks' like what you posted above... Which is in fact just network chatter

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