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Just like before

  1. Jun 15, 2005 #1
    I just got a message sent from someone with a message my zonealarm caught in the DNS(performance-check-via-SAVIS2THIS-IS_HARMLESS-It_is_a_Traceroute_or_Ping_packet.BGP-route-control.data393.net)
    I find it fun and anyone can give me a hint as to how can i send a message like that via internet so that someone who is using zonealarm like me can see it also ??
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    Thats just network chatter. Routers chat with each other, to exchange routing tables and enable the most efficient paths through a network to differening destination networks.
  4. Jun 16, 2005 #3
    But since when did I have my router connected with someone's in the US ?

    Ok, forget about that,
    do you know how I can send such a message ? I'd really like to. Thanks
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    They dont, your router does, or even your ISP router, BGP (same as IGP's such as OSPF, IS-IS and EIGRP) uses Multicast addresses to chat to other routers, your box probably was listening on one of the addresses... with out using a sniffer its hard to tell what the packet your personal firewall picked up....

    Zonealarm really is a waste of time, and typically just makes people paranoid because it pops up potential 'attacks' like what you posted above... Which is in fact just network chatter
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