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Just need a little leg up!

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    Hey guys my names Nicks, I made an account here just an hour or so ago because I was really interested in physics. I know pretty much nothing on the subject but im willing to learn, all im asking is if someone could point me in the direction of a decent physics learning course that goes step by step for beginners. Im willing to put in the time so please get back to me!
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    Depending on your learning style. I'm traditional so I prefer reading physical books vs. online text, and videos but sometimes you might have to do both.

    You can make use of FREE stuff on the net. If you go to school you might be able to get a free intro to physics textbook from some faculty member.

    http://http://www.khanacademy.org/" [Broken] is one of the first things that people are pointed to when they come on here. So start there. It's the best advice I can give you.

    Also, may I ask why you're studying physics and how far you plan to take it?
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    Remember that Physics is VERY math based and that if you decide to do an undergraduate degree in Physics you will be taking 10+ math courses.

    I suggest MIT OCW as a good start, depending on your level in schooling (if you are in junior high or early high school, learning calculus is probably going to give you the best head start) if you are in Grade 12 or graduated already and are thinking about going to university next fall, I suggest you watch the following:


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