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Just need help translating the question.

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    please translate it simplier for me.
    the question straight from my assignment sheet.
    • An analysis of the application of the work of Faraday and Lenz in induction cooking and electromagnetic braking in terms of the interaction of magnetic and electric fields and the conservation of energy.

    What do they want me to do when analysis?(like tell their relationships?)
    and in terms of interaction...electric fields... and con. of energy? ( did they want me write information on each terms?
    iam very stressful atm. Started like relly late last nite and still hasnt finish. neeed to finish it by 2nite zz. any got any idea plz discuss=D thanks
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    Chi Meson

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    " Discuss how Farday's and Lenz's work (specifically Farday's Law and Lenz's Law) are exemplified by the phenomena of "induction cooking" and "electromagnetic braking." Besure to include discussion of the interaction of electric and magnetic fields and the conservation of energy."

    First, I would recommend that you know what these two phenomena are, and then explain how they work. You need Lenz's and Farday's Law to explain how there is a loss of one type of energy when another type is increased.
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    im now reading ur post at 5 am@_@ . Thanks for ur reply and help. Hopefully i can do it 2morrow.
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