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  1. A popular website states that a 130 pound person will burn 472 Cal/hr bicyling and 649 Cal/hr rockclimbing. Alexandra (who happens to be 130 pound) has decided to start a training program bicycling for 45 minutes, 3 times/week as well as rockclimbing every saturdays. How many calories does Alexandra burn in 8 weeks of training?


    10170 cal Burnt in 8 weeks of training

    Please check if this is the correct answer Thanx alot

    im not asking for much :D
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  3. Well. I worked it out and got 12,390 cal burnt. Here is my work:

    45 minutes=3/4 hour
    472 Cal/hr=354 Cal/45 min
    3 times/week for 8 weeks=24 of the 45 minute sessions

    Rock climbing:
    649 Cal/hr=486.75 Cal/45 min
    1 session a week= 8 of the 45 minute sessions

    TOTAL: 8,496+3,894=12,390

    (This is assuming that the rock climbing on saturdays is for 45 minutes.)

  4. oook thnx i just spotted my mistake... i did 354 x 8 instead of 24 and she is rock climbing for 1.5h thnx alot
  5. But for how much time does he do rock climbing? You did specify that he does bicycling for 45 mins, 3 times a week. I'm assuming he does rockclimbing for 45 mins every saturday.

    For Bicycling

    472 Cal/hr, Therefore he'll burn 354 Cal/45min.

    In a week, he does that 3 times. So in 8 weeks, 24 times.

    Total calories burnt = 24*354 = 8496

    For Rockclimbing

    649 calories in 60 mins, 1947/4 cals per 45 mins.

    He does that 8 times in 8 weeks,

    Calories burnt = 8*1947/4 = 3894

    Grand total = 3894 + 8496 = 12390

    Ops, didn't see the previous reply!

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