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Just ran over a fox

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    Just ran over a fox :(

    I was bored tonight so I decided to go out for a drive.As I was driving , two running foxes appeared right in front of my car and I ran over one of them.This happened while a police car was following me , so I made a U-turn to go check with them.They told me this happened sometimes on this road as it's close to a field.As I was talking to the cops , I could see the fox was not in the middle of the road where I hit him anymore but was just beside the sidewalk.He was trying to walk with his two front legs as I think I ran over the back of his body.Clearly he had no use of his back legs , and the saddest thing is he actually looked me in the eyes :frown:.He was struggling so much.The other fox was still there , trying to check on him.I don't know what happens next as I just left since the cops were taking care of it.They will wait for people who capture wild animals and then what? They will kill him won't they?

    I feel so bad and guilty , what if I wasn't bored and didn't go for a drive? What if I decided to take another road? What if one of the fox was actually the mother and I ran over his child?

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    At least you cared and stopped . That's all you can do. Yes, it will be put down, they won't spend money for care for a fox.
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    That sucks so much , and the other fox will be forced to continue his life alone :(
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    You are a very good person to care so much. Sometimes things can't be avoided, but caring is very special.

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    Why couldn't it have been honey boo boo instead whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T_T
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    Many years ago, I rammed into a family of raccoons crossing the highway single file, at night, on the prairie in Minnesota.

    Didn't see them till the last second, and couldn't have stopped in time, but I still felt like a monster for a while.
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    jim hardy

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    Whoever built the universe put check and balance mechanisms into all creatures great and small.
    Compassion I guess could be our built in mechanism to hold claw and fang at bay.

    So, in my opinion, occasional sadness when random bad things like this happen is the price we pay for our propensity to find joy in random acts of kindness.

    You're okay, re-en...

    old jim
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    I've had similar experiences with other wildlife. I ran over a wild turkey hen who had crossed the road but then turned back right in front of me just as I was passing where she had crossed. I was mortified and anguished. I was traveling with others, and the car behind me stopped and they took the hen off the road. She was still alive, but too badly injured to survive. :frown:

    I just try to be more careful since.

    And ditto to what Evo said.
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    I was once gardening and badly injured a toad. It lost the use of it's back legs and I had to kill it (I don't think I could have done that for a mammal though). I felt awful though, especially as I have areas of the garden set aside for for animals and insects. Next time I was on the garden I found another smaller toad exposed and hopping to shelter, so I picked him up and put him somewhere safe. That helped.
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    My mother once put a whole litter of baby rats into the bags that will be collected by the garbage trucks the following day. No way I could've done it.
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    "Larger the animal, the larger the compassion."
    It doesn't have a base in reason, but on propensity.
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    What? Why would anyone do that? Next time you're bored find something else to do. For the good of the planet.
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    You are most certainly EVIL!

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    I find driving very relaxing and enjoyable.
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