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Praise Just Simply: Thank you

  1. May 20, 2016 #1
    No question this time. Just a simple THANK YOU

    For almost two years years now, I have been struggling to learn: differential forms, exterior algebra, calculus on manifolds, Lie Algebra, Lie Groups.

    My math background was very deficient: I am a 55 year old retired (a good life) professor of mechanical engineering. I have always felt that by learning this, I could put my engineering knowledge on a more structured footing. It would not help me do engineering better (I think it is wise to do must mechanical engineering in the way one learned it), but it would help me see things.

    I have asked many questions here. On some occasions I lost my temper (I apologize for this) and stopped posting and took up a new alias. And then I'd ask more questions -- really simple, stupid questions.

    Well, after two years, I now know how much I do not know. And I see the picture. The books are making a lot of sense now. I am no longer hung up on language.

    I wish I could cross post this to the Algebra group.

    Anyway: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone. You guys are great! And patient!

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    Thanks for being a member! Spread the word!
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