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Just visited princeton, yale, columbia!

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    i just visited princeton, yale, and columbia (college undergrad searching)

    princeton was the coolest of the three, i thought (and best suited my interest in science/physics)
    both princeton and yale had amazing gothic architecture
    columbia was cool too, but too compact and too little greenspace (as it is right in Manhattan)

    just curious -- any comments about these places (or similar places)? im also gonna check out some places in boston (springbreak maybe)
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    Have you checked out Dartmouth if you want a nice campus? My ex was at Yale, then switched to Dartmouth because he thought the campus was prettier. I'm sure Princeton would be better for physics, though.
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    Yes, I'm same as you. I'm also searching for undergrad. I interested in Columbia, CalTech and Princeton. What do you think about MIT?
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    hmm... haven't visited there yet, but i will soon.

    from what i've read, it looks like a great place to go, but still very difficult to get into (like all the other places i have listed above)
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    I heard that MIT is good for Engineering and applied Physics. Is it true? As for me, my concern is on Theoretical Physics so I don't think MIT is not suitable for me. What do you think?
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    Well if you're doing theoretical physics (I am too!) are you planning on going for a PhD? Id save MIT for grad school, which is what i'm planning on doing.. though i'll need a miracle to get in, though i'm going to try to keep my GPA as high as possible :frown:
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    My brother went to princeton and loved it. However, unlike Yale or Columbia there isn't much to do outside of campus since it is located in the suburbs ( and my brother did not have a car.) He was a theoretical physics major. If you are a woman, it does have the higest rate of rapes on campus (not much lighting.) I went to Dartmouth, but I was not a physicist. I am very athletic and joined the ice hockey team and pretty much learned every winter sport there is and learned to kayak and rock climb. It's considered the "jock Ivey league". Many Olympic athletes have been produced by its undergraduate class, and two of my professors, one in microbiology and one in physiology, were ex olympians. Many of my collegues were biathletes, Iron Man triatheletes and two ascended Mount Everest. It has it's own skiing mountain for the students. The fraternities are wild at Dartmouth( Alpha Delt is where Animal House was based.) Howwever, if you don't like the outdoors, Hanover is a small, dinky (but cute) town with nothing much to do but drink and eat pizza. (Not that that isn't the life! )Princeton has eating clubs instead of fraternities. Not that that is important to me, since I hate fraternities. I spent some time at Yale for some post grad work but found the depressed economy of New Haven depressing. (It has the highest rate of infant mortality due to it's poverty rivalling some third world countries and it's right next to one of the best medical instituion!) So, once you are outside of the Yale campus, New Haven is gray, ugly and just not very nice. I worked out of Columbia at one point and Manhatten is wild! All the ones you mentioned have their pluses and minuses, just visit and see which one suits your goals and tastes...and provides the best financial aid of course.
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    Does anyone know which Ivy-League College is the safest?
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    Princeton University.

    (see this)
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