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Just Want to learn Pure Math Graduate level

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    Good evening,

    The biggest question for me right now is what to do now?
    I got a bad experience from highschool and was never a hardworking student. I got admission to a top school for undergrad and as we all know college is somewhat different, I started to really learn as from Junior year. I completed an Econ major and then I discovered the beauty of pure math. I never knew how pretty and rewarding that subject could be like and now I just want to learn that. I discovered pure math pretty late though but I still want to learn the subject as for me, there is not a more interesting field. Here is the dilema:
    I just want to continue learning pure math at the graduate level but my grades aren't that great 3.1 gpa with econ, pure math and french major (from Uni of Michigan). I am considering masters program in Pure or PhD in any respectable school, I just want to learn. What would be a good advice from your experience if I just want to learn pure math.

    Classes I have taken so far: Linear algebra, abstract algebra, ordinary differential eq, elementary analysis, number theory, probability.
    Will be taking: PDE, numerical methods, combinatorics and graph theory, topology, complex variables and I'm not sure.

    I would really appreciate your help.
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