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Just when you're about to ask a question it hits you

  1. Mar 20, 2012 #1
    I have a good/bad habit of asking for advice when (I think) I need help.

    Has anyone else been typing up a question to either email an adviser, or a professor, or even ask a question on the forum, and realized the answer in the process of writing it up?

    I always feel sort of silly for having wanted to ask for help on something that, then, makes sense...but at the same time, it's happened so many times. . .

    Maybe I'm just insecure, maybe I'm just lucky.

    Anyone else?
    (sorry for the comma placement, I can't figure out how to fix them...but I think it's sort of clear enough?)
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    This is like when I was in the park last week and began to wonder: why does a Frisbee look bigger as it gets closer... and then it hit me...

    I didn't make that up, but so many people have claimed its authorship that I can't attribute it to any particular one.
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    It makes sense this should happen now and then when the question arises from lack of organization rather than lack of knowledge. The process of writing the question causes you to organize what you already know such that it all falls into place.
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    Happens to me as well sometimes but being lazy definitely amplifies the probability as zoobyshoe pointed out.
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    The past 10 times I've been going to post a question here I end up resolving it during the process of writing it up.
    I've started trying to pretend as if I'm explaining my problem to someone who has only a basic understanding of maths and physics, that seems to help sometimes.
    I might have to start making kahnacademy style videos :L
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    Yeah, I do this a lot. As others have said, it makes you organise your thoughts. I also worry that I haven't included enough information and it makes you think along lines you hadn't previously considered.
    Having said that, sometimes my posts are unintelligible (or maybe all of them), which is an obvious sign I'm confused... Fortunately, the mentors on the forum know the topic well enough to see what I mean and where I'm struggling.
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