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Just wondering if this has merit

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    I was just think about relativity, and as you move faster how distances and the amount of time seems to change as you speed up. This means that all dimensions of time (including the extra 6 from string theory that are extremely small dimensions) would seem to change as you move faster. so, I was wondering if something is moving fast enough the extra 6 space dimensions, ussually two small to be seen, might change in size relative to you, making them large enough to be visible? Correct me if I am wrong about any of the above thoughts, including any misunderstandings I have of rletivity. Thanks for input.
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    An interesting thought. It would seem unlikely that the extra dimensions expand from the observer's viewpoint, as travel at relativistic speeds will tend to make spacial dimensions smaller, not larger. At near-light speeds, lengths contract and time dilates.

    However, I recall reading once that in some models of string theory, one or more of the extra dimensions might be an extra time dimension. If this is correct, then perhaps time dilation will cause this extra dimension to expand. But that's pure speculation, of course. I don't even know what that would mean in terms of observing or measuring the change.
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    When you speed up to almost light speed, the stationary observer sees your clock appearing to slow down and ONE length dimension shorten, namely the one in the direction you're going. All other spatial dimensions are unchanged, including the six extra dimensions from string theory. As far as your concerned, everything is fine.
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    That makes sense.
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