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Just wondering

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    Howcome the ratio of the surface area of spheres are not equal to the ratio of volume of spheres?

    For example if I had two spheres, with an aspect ratio of 1:4 when comparing surface areas, yet I have 1:8 between those same spheres when comparing volume.

    This doesn't make sense to me, shouldn't the ratio be the same?
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    the surface area is proportional to the square of the radius

    the volume is proportional to the cube of the radius
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    This might help...

    A line of length 2cm consists of TWO 1cm lines.

    A square with side length 2cm consists of FOUR squares with side length 1cm.

    A cube with side length 2cm consists of EIGHT cubes with side length 1cm.

    And imagine if you took two hot coals out of a fire, one small one and a big one, which one would cool down fastest, and why?
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