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Just wondernig

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    if planck's constant were smaller than it is, shouldn't quantum phenomena be more obvious than it is now?
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    Less obvious, probably, since the intervals between quantized energy levels would be smaller and so closer to apparent continuum. Also, the uncertainties in position and momentum could potential be smaller, meaning we could have more simultaneous knowledge about the position and momentum of a particle without breaching the HUP limit.

    Why do you think the effects would be more noticeable?
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    maybe i went somewhere wrong again in my reasoning, but i think that since
    E=nhf, then if h is bigger, E is bigger, so the change in energy is easier to get noticed?
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    Yes, and since the change in energy required is more noticeable, the quantization of energy is more apparent. And likewise smaller h leads to smaller, less noticeable changes in energy, i.e. closer to an approximised continuum, which is classically what we'd expect.
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    thank you very much!!! :)
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