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Justice, democracy in action!

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    Ahhhhhh shame. :wink:

    Ahahahaha. God I love it when the law over rules the business world. Thank you all my money back. Later dudes. o:)

    Still have to sue them, but should be a formality now. In your face Hitler!
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    Oh cool I can get a fortune back as well.
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    Wah thats good news :smile:
    i suspect the bank in our country also overcharge somehow
    but businesses here tends to use money to bias our government
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    You have no idea, this week my bank charged me £150 and removed my whole dole check in one go leaving me no money to pay for anything for the next two weeks, I had to get a crisis loan to support myself. I have already written a letter saying I will see them in court before this decision, but usually such small amounts are written off, I've told them if they press the matter further I will go for the last six years and that will mean I actually get about £50 back. :rofl:

    I'm also going to be taking another bank to court for £750 so I stand to make quite a windfall out of this assuming I win and that's now pretty much a formality. :biggrin:
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