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K Alpha Energy Question

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    1. The atomic number of osmium is Z = 76. According to the Bohr model, what is the energy (in joules) of a K X-ray photon?

    2. ?

    3. The reason I left relavent eqns blank is because I used the following:
    En = -(13.6) Z^2/n^2
    subtracting one from Z before squaring and converting to joules gave me an incorrect answer of En = 1.226 x 10^-14 J.

    I do not believe I am using the right equation but it is the only one my book offers for this.

    Please help.

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    ok I found it by going through the wavelength.

    Is that the fastest way?
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    The "wave number" formula is a consequence of the formula giving the enrgy levels. So i'd say "no".
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