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K.P. 8 band model

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    I have just started using a matlab program written by someone to do k.p modelling of the quantum well structures.The out put of it is several files.One file has a list of eigen values.Real and imaginary parts.How do I know which energies are CB,LH,HH?since it's a type 2 quantum well,with overlapping band structures.Also,I get several files with the information of wave functions corresponding to these eigen energies.But the file has output as band 1,2,3...8.and wave functions corresponding to each band over the entire quantum well range.These file kind of gives a 1X8 result (1 energyX8 bands)How does this relate to 8X8 matrix?
    Any good book that can help me understanding k.p 8 band model?and help me in analyzing the result?
    Thank You
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    The 8 energies should correspond to 4 bands, CB, HH, LH and SO and should be in decreasing energy. I can't tell you any more without seeing the code.
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