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Homework Help: K value

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    How would you determine K for the following reaction:
    [tex] HOCl_{aq} + CN^{-} \rightarrow HCN_{aq} + OCN^{-} [/tex]?

    You dont do [tex] \frac{1}{K_{a}} [/tex] or [tex] \frac{1}{K_{b}} [/tex]

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    If you mean K as in the equilibrium constant, then I think you would do the following:

    [tex]K_c = \frac{[HCN][OCN^{-}]}{[HOCl][CN^{-}]}[/tex], where [] indicate the concentration in moles per liter.

    If you're talking about another K, then I can't help you off the top of my head. We just started learning about equilibrium on Monday in AP Chemistry, so you may not want to trust me on this.
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    Perchloric acid is a strong acid, the reaction will go towards completion.
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    HOCl is not a strong perchloric acid. HOCl is a pretty weak hypochlorous acid.

    There is something wrong with the reaction - where is Cl on the right side?
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    I think it should be:

    [tex] HOCl_{(aq)} + CN^{-} \rightarrow HCN_{(aq)} + OCl^{-} [/tex]
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    That was my first idea too, but HOCN does exist (it is cyanic acid) - so perhaps the question was not acid/base related, but redox related - with cyanide being oxidized to cyanate by hypochlorous acid.

    No idea what is halfpotential for cyanide/cyanate oxidation.
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