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Kaku Equation T-shirt? Heard on TV last night

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    I saw Dr. Kaku on a community Asian program last night in New York on channel 25. Fantastic and personal interview.

    Among other things Dr. Kaku mentioned a t-shirt that was available somewhere with one of his equations and the words "let there be light" etc.

    Does anyone know of this t-shirt and where can I get one?

    Supposedly someone is buying and wearing it somewhere.

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    I tried googling, but found nothing. Perhaps the fan had the shirt specially made? On my 60th birthday I got a tee shirt from my kids that had been specially made with all kinds of crazy equations that if you worked them all out, calculated to 60. There are shops that will put any message you want on a tee.
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    The only equations I have ever seen with "let there be light" was MAXWELLs equations. This shrits are available in many places.

    my version of it is this:http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/LIGHT.GIF [Broken]
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