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Originally posted by Greg Bernhardt
Kaku is on the Holiday TSS special 'A List'
It was nice of him to thank his webhelpers on that (past) show.
Anybody ever watch it? Mr. O'keefe was on there tonight, talking about the
latest goings-on of the space administration.
LaPorte, Kaku and O'keefe are three of the coolest white-haired guys to
grace the show.


Machines are predictable, but humans are not. That gives us the great advantage over machines, that we are unpredictable, creative, and can think of new ways to defeat the machines. That's why the humans win over the machines of the Matrix, because even "perfect" programs have anomalies, and unpredictable beings (us) are sometimes superior to predictable machines.
That's good news, I won't worry about my unpredictability! he he..

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