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Kaon decay

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    Please see the attcahed image of K+ decay...

    Question is - does anyone know how speculative this decay process is?? It just seems so far fetched.

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    you can look it up in the particle data group booklet
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    Yes, I saw it in the PDG mesons summary table, albeit without a feynman diagram. The feynman diagram shows everything between the up (at the top of the diagram) and the anti-up (at the bottom) comming from a w+ boson, half of it from a subsequent massive decay from a gluon. Being naive, it seems a bit much for nature to do.

    My actual question is, does anyone know of any arlternative routes to this decay that have been proposed??? All of my searches keep comming back to this one.

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    everything that is possible will occur if we wait long enough

    recall that that is just one diagram in the full perturbation expansion of the scattering matrix, nature does not "calculate" decays with perturbation theory and feynman diagrams I think ;- )
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    Vanadium 50

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    What don't you like about this? why do you think it is "too much for nature to do"? (And remember, this only happens about 5% of the time)
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