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Homework Help: Karnaugh Map Boolean Equation

  1. May 10, 2006 #1
    Hi, this should be simple but it's really giving me difficulty. Does anybody know what the Boolean Equation would be for this Karnaugh Map?

    Thanks in advance,


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  3. May 11, 2006 #2
    Maybe if you could show some working or where you find the difficulty we could help .
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    How many groups of minterms do you see?
  5. May 18, 2006 #4
    Urgh, this is kinda bad but:

    Qd(QcQa' + QaX' + QbQc' + XQb') + Qa'Qb'Qc'Qd'X'

    I know it's not pretty, but it's something.
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  8. Mar 15, 2007 #7
    i find a better programs from that!!!! :yuck:
    http://www.phoenixbit.com/site/products.asp?productid=karnaughanalyzer [Broken]
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