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Kate Moss: Reloaded

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    Please everyone keep the discussion civil, I dont want the thread locked. Thank you.

    In a previous thread ( "Kate Moss: The original") it was argued that society, fashion industry and models contribute to the psychical disorders model wannabe may develop in their quest for the catwalk. This is a potential problem (although clearly nobody can be hold responsible for the choices made in life by an arbitrary person). So what should a supermodel do:

    1. Lie. Pretend all is good, life is fair, and you will attain supermodel status without paying your dues. Give false hopes that no matter how big the junk in your trunk is, what body you have, you have a chance to make it to the spotlight.

    2. Truth. Simply outline the status quo. That your chances are very low to begin with, that the concurrency is savage, and if you dont have the body, your chances will tend to null.
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    Restarting a locked thread without the approval of the mentor that closed it is not allowed. I happen to agree with the lock, I think all has been said that has any value, the questions and aswers are redundant. If you want to pm cristo to plead your case on how this thread is completely different you can, But I do agree with his judgement that the thread had run it's course.
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