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KE photoelectron

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    how do you calculate the kintetic energy of the slowest emitted photoelectron? i know how to calculate the KE of the fastest emitted photoelectron.
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    ???Not sure I get this

    Surely there is a spectra of ke from 0 - ke.max, so the lowest possible ke = 0 which gives v=0?

    - does v=0 count as slow or stopped?

    What exactly is the wording of the question?
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    James R

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    I assume you're talking about the photoelectric effect. The slowest emitted photoelectron is emitted with speed zero.
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    hf=work function of metal + 1/2mv2.....slowest emitted electron would be when hf=work function metal so leaving zero kinetic energy for emitted electrons resulting in 0 velocity.
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