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Kecksburg UFO debate renewed

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "In an effort to encourage an open dialogue among first-hand witnesses and those who remain skeptical, the Sci Fi Channel sponsored a “town hall meeting” Saturday at the Kecksburg fire hall. About 50 people attended."

    http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/westmoreland/s_147868.html [Broken]
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    I saw this on "Unsolved Mysteries"
    a couple years go and it stood out in my mind as completely different
    than most of the stuff in the genre: a whole town seeing all
    those military types. Living
    eyewitnesses reporting how they
    were turned away, the kids being
    told to misdirect people.

    Given the story as it is, does it
    smell like an extra-terrestrial,
    or a classified military craft?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think this is a new story to me...unless I know it by a different name. I plan to learn more about this promptly.

    Hey, did you see the notation from Hoover in the FBI files? I mention this in the Roswell section of the Napster; page 1. I find this to be highly compelling. What is your take? To what else could he have been referring? This gets darn close to a smoking gun don't you think...unless for some reason the FBI was being fooled into believing in UFOs? Then, the recent claims that the Ramey memo can be read seems [also mentioned in the Roswell section] also to gets close to smoking gun proof. It will be interesting to see if we find general agreement about the text of this memo or not.
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    The Hoover quote seems like it
    might only be a reaction to the
    initial story about the recovery
    of a disc at Roswell.

    For at least a day this story
    stood as Government fact. Hoover,
    who was an ambitious man, was
    probably envious that he had no
    access, and no reason to be grant-
    ed access.

    Because someone advised him to
    stay out of it, we know merely
    that he was trying to get into
    it, probably simply in reaction to
    the newspaper story.

    His response to this advice is
    a reasonable sounding, but actual-
    very unreasonable, non-barter:
    he would agree to stay out of it but only as long as they agree to
    allow him access to the disc.

    As it stands, with no follow up
    info, the quote says very little
    to me about Roswell, but alot about Hoover. It is a reasonable
    course of speculation to suppose
    that the weather balloon story
    killed Hoover's interest in the

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    Thank you for the link Ivan, but we have a thread specifically designed for UFO discussions:

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