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Keep fit

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    How do you keep fit ??
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    I live in Manayunk PA. I run up the massive hills we have around here that are around 12-15% grade and about a mile long.
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    I don't like having seizures.
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    I walk two miles, sometimes everyday, sometimes I skip a day.
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    It seems the university has a mandatory physical fitness program here. They make you park in a lot at the bottom of a LONG set of stairs and then hide the elevators in the buildings, so I have to take another 3 flights of stairs to get to the floor my new office/lab is on. It's no wonder I've been exhausted by the time I get home at night.
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    Cycle where possible. Where impossible, skip (or not...).
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    Hey! I was going to post this today! Great minds.....

    Weights, step workouts, biking, jogging. No swimming, no team sports (blech).

    The elementary school is 6/10 mile away (is that a km?) and I go back and forth on foot, scooter, or bike twice/day - with the kids, of course. That's what - 2.4 miles of hoofing/biking it?
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    I don't drive. Everywhere I want to get I have to bike or walk. I don't use the public transportation just because I can't be bothered to spend the money. Did I mention my down is built on a really big hill? Every day I have to walk uphill to the university, and then when I get to the university walk uphill to my classes (the university has aprox. 2500 stairs - and it doesn't have high buildings, that's mostly outdoor stairs). Of course it's downhill on the way back, but at least I get excersize in the morning.
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    Wow you get lots of exercise Smurf, but you should take some thing for that
    blocked nose. :biggrin:
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