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Keep your parrents off the net

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    http://www.monkeehub.com/portfolio/animation/netparents.asp" [Broken]
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    well i dont want to clutter the board too much, so i'll post the second movie here...
    http://www.jcbsong.co.uk/jcbvideo.asp" [Broken]
    and in case you havent seen http://www.lowmorale.co.uk/creep" [Broken] yet....
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    Its a fantastic song, its got Mr T, Bruce lee and optimus prime! what more does a song need?
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    Yeah, it's all about those latex bondage sites.
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    Oh dear! My parents just got a new computer, and are getting cable internet soon (I'm sure some aliens just dropped me on their doorstep...they're getting the cable internet because it comes as some package with VoIP and the six million digital cable channels they get...all so that my mom doesn't have to wait until after 9 pm to get online "just in case somebody wants to call.") On the upside, it meant neither their email nor phone was reliably working the entire time I was in FL, so no chance of them calling and wondering where I was while I was at Disney. :devil: The best part is that they are clueless enough that they assume everyone else is as clueless as they are, so I can avoid calling for a long time..."I didn't know if you'd have the same phone number once you switched to that internet phone thing...does it work like a normal phone?" :devil: :devil:
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