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    to possible cures for long term illness, can it be done in a scientifically controlled way?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Do you mean informing people or via some medical intervention?

    If I got you correctly:

    There is a kind of Catch-22 to what you're asking. It takes years to determine effects of procedures/medicines etc on progression of a chronic long term disease. So when the disease first shows up on the radar, it takes years to find a solution. The first people to get it, die from it -- or wish they had.

    Alzheimer's disease was not as common in 1900 as it now is: mainly because people in 1900 did not on average live long enough to show symtoms. So, we cured or staved off a lot of the other factors for early death. Now, assume we cure Alzheimers. And you benefit from it. You'll be the first to get an as yet unrecognized supremely unpleasant infirmity that only shows up in extreme old age.... so you can die from that condition or live years in total misery with it.... while they look ofr a cure.

    Gives you the warm fuzzies.
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