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Medical Keeping Sex Drive Absent

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    I have been sex free (masturbation, porn, etc...) for over 200 days now, but recently sexual thoughts have begun creeping into my head again.

    I want to decrease my sex drive even more as I find it an annoyance. I have not taken anything thus far. I have been suppressing by sheer will power and now I just want to add in some medicine that may have an effect on that aspect of my life.

    I know anti-depressants can lead to a decrease in sexual function as it increases serotonin levels, however, I am not depressed and would like more of a natural remedy if there are others out there that are actually backed by studies other than the one I am about to discuss.
    The natural remedy I was reading about was Chasteberry. From the information I have gathered, this plant is primarily known to help women during their menstrual cycles, but it also has an effect on men that use it, it is said to cause a decrease in prolactin. Monks used it in the past from what I read on it.

    I tried searching for scientific studies to back up the claim that it does, in fact, decrease prolactin but only found snippets of information backed by lack-luster research. Does anyone else have valid, scientific studies/information backed by credible research on Chasteberry?

    In addition, for those who are in medicine: are there any medications other than anti-depressants that help decrease libido if I ever wanted to go the medicinal route rather than the natural?

    Thank you in advance!
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    What about in your dreams?
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    Sex is the driving force behind almost everything we do. Suppressing your sex drive sounds like a good way to ruin your hormonal balance. If you find your sexual desires annoying maybe you should talk to someone and figure out why you feel this way; it isnt normal.
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    If that counts, then I haven't been totally sex free. I was more-so thinking about daily activities when I am awake and consciously alert. But from what I can count and remember, I've had less than 10 sex dreams during this period.

    Monks are able to do it. And, as far as I can tell, this is as normal as you wanting sex. I see things differently than you do and I don't feel 'sex' is the force behind everything we do.

    I wanted more help rather than being judged and insulted.
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    Please seek professional help. A psychiatrist, or a doctor.

    We can not offer you advice.
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    There are a few drugs that does this, but like you said you dont want side effects, which is good. I think this might be more of a psych issue. Not too sure any natural herbal products that can do this. Although I hear meditation works for many

    I think you think just treat this as a personal issue rather than a medical one.
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