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Keeping Track of Already Read Posts

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    Sorry if this has been asked and answered before.

    When I consider revisiting threads, I am unable to detect whether there are any new posts. When there are unread posts, I don't know where they begin and where the previously read posts let off.

    How can I configure things to either show only new posts, or to indicate to me which posts are new and which are already read?
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    If you click on the My PF button it will show you which subscribed threads have recieved posts since you have last checked/logged in. To find out which posts are old and which are new look at the little square directly to the left of the time and date of the post (which is located directly above the nameplate). If that square is orange the post is new, if it is grey/green it is old (you can also see this by hovering your mouse over them).

    I'm not sure if old/new means new since you last checked or new within a certain time limit but that shouldn't be hard to figure out if you try to keep track of it. I never really thought about it before, I just find my last post and work onwards from that lol.

    EDIT: Just logged out and in to check, the old/new appears to show the posts made after you last checked.
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