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Homework Help: Kenetic energy

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    The question is Air is primarly a mixture of N2 and O2. Assume that each gas behaves as an ideal gas. If the temperture is is 293K calculate the kinetic energy of the air and calculate the Vrms of N2and O2
    what I know is Kb = 1.38E-23 J/K
    mass of one molecule of N2 is 4.65E-26
    mass of one molecule of O2 is 5.31E-26

    formula used KE= 3/2*Kb*T
    Ke = 6.1E-21 J

    for the Vrms of N2 & O2
    Vrms = square root of 3*Kb*T/Mass of N2 O2

    Vrms of N2 = 510.74 m/s
    Vrms of O2 = 477.95 m/s

    is this correct?
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    Chi Meson

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    All correct; just trim those "sig figs" to 511 and 478 m/s.
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