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Kepler 22b Rocket

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    People are saying that Kepler 22b looks like it may harbour life. How could we ever know? I was just wandering, but what would the delta v be to do a Hoffmann transfer (if this works on an interstellar scale) to Kepler 22b?
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    D H

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    Kepler 22b was the first planet in it's parent star's habitable zone that was discovered by the Kepler mission. That does not mean that it harbors life. We can get a better idea if it does harbor by looking for chemical signatures of life in its atmosphere. The technology to do that is a ways off, but it does not require going there. Going there is not feasible and won't be for a long, long time. With current technology it would take tens of millions of years to get there. Looking for chemical signatures of life is perhaps a decade or two in the future, perhaps even sooner.
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    As D H indictated, it would take current spacecraft millions of years to get there (~600-620 ly).


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