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News Kerry on the NCLB

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    Even some of Kerry's closest allies are having a hard time understanding his position on the No Child Left Behind Act, legislation that Kerry helped vote in but now opposes. Or does he? Reg Weaver of the NEA (a bitter opponent of the NCLB) certainly doesn't know.

    It's good that he isn't trying to pin Kerry down, because anyone trying to do so will go nuts.


    By the way, this article is well worth the registration. There are some real gems in there.
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    Funny, funny stuff. Yeah, I always make it a point to not know where a candidate stands on the issues. That way, its impossible to be disappointed! [/sarcasm]
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    When did the NEA start sounding so much like a teacher's union?
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    Absolutely. One should never pester a candidate by asking his views before an election. That is downright harrassment.
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