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News Kerry vs Bush: honesty, trust and ethics

  1. Jul 30, 2004 #1
    Of the candidates Bush and Kerry, whom do you personally believe more honest, whom would you rather trust with your life, and whom do you consider more ethical?
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    I'm assuming this is a poll --- so

    Bush (Kerry seems to come in two flavors --- Candidate and Senator)

    Short term - Kerry. Long term - Bush.

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    They both are ethical to somethings and not ethical in others. Hard decision.
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    I don't consider either particularly honest. They both lie all the time, when Kerry's caught lying, he tries to explain/cover it up, and when Bush's caught lying, he just denies he's lying and keeps repeating the lie.

    I would trust Kerry with my life over Bush, since frankly, Bush is just an idiot, and Kerry has actually saved people's lives before.

    I think both men view themselves as ethical, Bush's is a more simple, short-sighted ethics, and Kerry's is more grand, larger scale.
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    I would rather have Bush as my next door neighbor. But I don't consider either candidate to be a bad person.
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    Kerry, in a slam dunk.

    If Bush had a different last name, is there any chance this guy could have ever have gotten nominated? Just because Democrats put up a nothing candidate running on Daddy's coat tails in 2000, the Republicans had to follow suit?

    I'd rank the elder Bush as the second best president in my lifetime, right behind Reagan, but his son is just an all-out loser and has been his whole life.
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    Kerry, so far I haven't heard him lie even when he has had to explain his logic behind some of his statements.

    No contest... KERRY, Bush could care less just ponder his record with the death penalty in Texas even in cases where the condemmed has enough credible to be re-tried with a good chance of being exonerated.

    Again Kerry, "...by their fruits you will know them" Well compare Kerry's children to the Bush children, which family has produced good fruit (metaphorically speaking). This reveals quite abit about their ethics.

    edit: Although the republicans are no doubt frantically seeking some dirt on the Kerry kids. :rofl:
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    Bush is probably the president with the most horrible, large-scale lies, and secret or unpublicized executive changes (such as trying to remove clean water protections for millions of acres), and he does not know how to respond to an emergy (as the footage of him reading to schoolchildren on 9/11 shows), so it's defintely Kerry for all situations.
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