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Kerry's vision for the space program

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    I suppose this topic could go into the Politics forum, but I think the interested members are mostly here.

    So, what will Kerry's vision be? Here's a clue from Space.com...

    Reading between the lines, I get the impression that Kerry would (1) drop Bush's space plan and (2) be generally supportive of NASA but still cut its funding. I also suspect that he would focus on NASA's near-Earth missions (shuttle, ISS, satellites) & telescopes (Hubble, NGSTs) but would scale back things like robotic explorations of the planets/asteroids/comets. I'm also basing this on a response letter I received from him a few years ago when I wrote a request letter to save the mission to Pluto. Basically, it was a well-reasoned, but disappointing response saying that the mission was not worth the cost at that time. Maybe I can dig up that letter from my files & post it here.

    I didn't find anything about his space policy on his campaign website.

    Any other insights?

    Note: Let's try to keep this away from a political debate. I merely want to understand what his space policy would be if he were elected president.
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