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Ket bra notation, and radial momentum

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    I am told that <f|pr,g>=<prf|g> where pr is the operator for radial momentum and f and g are wavefunctions.

    I know how to calculate <prf|g>, but I am not sure how to treat the comma in <f|pr,g>.

    Anyone have an answer to this?
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    Who was it that told you that? I've never see a comma used like that. It has no meaning to me. A wave function is in a one-to-one correspondance with a bra or a ket so I don't see what two wave functions mean in there.

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    Maybe it is a typo in the book but I am not sure. I have only
    seen commas used in kets when distinguishing between m and l values for angular momentum of a particle.
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    the letters inside a bra or ket denote the quantum numbers of that state with respect to some operator.
    the notation pr,g must just refer to 2 different quantum numbers
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    It's not possible...That "pr" is supposed to be [itex] \hat{p}_{r} [/itex] and not a quantum number.And besides,what quantum numbers are there for momentum??

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