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Ket Vectors

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    I'm attempting to learn the mathematics of quantum mechanics using textbooks such as "The Principles of Quantum Mechanics" by Dirac. I'm uncertain however of how ket vectors work! Say |A> + |B> = |C>, then what does |C> please represent?
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    If you are not familiar with the mathematical concept of a "vector space", you'll want to check that out.
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    Dirac is not easy to learn from. Try Ballentine.

    If |A> and |B> denote possible states of a system, then the sum denotes another possible state of that system.
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    I totally concur.

    I actually learnt it from Dirac and Von Neumann. I wish I didn't. It would be much better to start with Ballentine then read those two seminal texts.

    I get the feeling though your math may not be up to Ballentine. In that case I suggest you work your way up in the following order:

    Then you can tackle Ballentine.

    It may seem like a lot of work but remember its not a race. Take your time and cement your understanding.

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    Thank you all very much for your help
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